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Friday, November 19, 2004

XS Energy Drink "Plan"

Our hottest product right now is XS Energy Drink. It's competitive, and it beats the competition hands down , in quality and price.

I believe Quixtar should raise the suggested retail price.

I recently purchased a load of cases for the local basketball league a group of us started. Our first practice was last Wednesday and XS Sports Drinks were a hit!

Going to be generating some decent PV/BV, retail profits are donated to the league.

Now let's talk about XS Energy Drinks and how I and others can build a nice business with it.

It's a process, not an overnight thing, hope you all realize that.

If there is anyone out there that knows a way to build a business FAST, I'd love to know.

From my "short career", I have realized it takes time to build a solid business, patience and tenacity.

OK, the XS Sports Drinks are a big hit, and it's a great way to introduce this product locally.

What I'm going to do also is, "invest" $750 in XS Energy Drinks.


Because with Quixtar/Amway, when an IBO places an order for $750 or more, you get FREE shipping. Also, did you know that you could also return any order, and Quixtar will pay the shipping?

So, I'm going to order $750 of XS Energy Drinks and start handing out free samples, to as many people as I can. If they like it and want to buy it,I'll be sure to give them a way to get ahold of me (obviously before I do this, I would talk quite a bit to someone and I'll also get contact info).

$750 of XS Energy Drinks is about 37 cases.

Yes, it's an investment. To be able to introduce a product that beats the competition hands down , in quality and price and taste.

I would also be able to sell the energy drinks for $24, plus tax.

So, looking down the road, there will be about $3.60 RETAIL profit/case, plus wholesale commissions of around.... 9%-12%.

Not bad.

Would need to move at least 50-75 cases/month.

No problem, as long as I continue to stick with it.

Sort of in it's early stage of "development", will tweek it as I build.

Any thoughts?



Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I will be starting to post an 8 day Vitamins Email Course.

It will present you a quick daily factoid on vitamins and their benefits for our daily health and disease prevention.

Should be lots of fun and informative.

Look forward to it!

Have a great day!


Monday, November 15, 2004

Nutilite's/Quixtar's Response About Testing


I just got a response from Nutrilite in referance to the questions you should ask a supplier about testing.

Here is their response....

Dear Marc,

Thank you for your E-mail regarding quality control and Nutrilite food supplements. I hope the below information is helpful to you.


Quality ingredients:

"h Use only highest quality raw materials (many of which are USP-grade, all of which are guaranteed full potency, free of contaminants).

"h One of the few companies that control quality from the ground up. (e.g., soil preparation and aeration by earthworms, utilize alternative farming practices, ¡§good bugs,¡¨ nutrient-rich plants, unique concentration process, etc.)

"h Suppliers Certificate Program (all raw material that Nutrilite gets from an outside source must meet strict requirements as documented by the suppliers Certificate Program. Nutrilite representatives visit suppliers to verify GMP compliance. This is important to assure quality from lot to lot and within lot.)

"h Material initially quarantined until they can pass strict test. If they do not, it is not used.

"h Incoming raw materials and packaging components, including labels, are tested for conformance to specifications. Types of test administered during this phase include: physical (like color consistency), microbiological (yeast and mold counts, bacteria, etc., chemical (potency, impurities)

Quality Production Process/Monitoring:

"h Comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP¡¦s): record keeping, traceability, sanitation

"h Steps in production process/monitoring:

1. Weigh-up ¡V Scales used to precisely measure formula orders.
2. Granulation - (¡§blending¡¨) ¡V to prevent any crosses contamination
3. Compression - (¡§tableting¡¨) ¡V if a tablet does not fall within an acceptable range (e.g., not correct weight, hardness or shape, etc.) it is automatically rejected. This is an automated QC check helps insure consistent manufacturing results.
4. Coating ¡V NUTRILOCK coating surround ¡§swallowable¡¨ tablets to make them easier to swallow.
5. Packaging ¡V tablets are placed in the appropriate containers.

"h Other tests performed during manufacturing:

1. Friability: a type of packaging test that insures the product will maintain integrity during packaging and shipping.
2. Stability: to measure shelf life. Examination of tablet appearance, disintergration time, and vitamin/mineral potencies over a three year period.
3. Samples, raw materials and records kept for at least 1 year past expiration date (this is a drug GMP)
4. System to handle complaints: Quality Assurance Dept. handles all complaints. Allows continual improvement. Complaints are processed as follows:
a. recorded
b. investigated by all parties in manufacturing
c. a response is composed which includes measures taken to prevent recurrence

Quality Equipment/Facilities

"h HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography): used for vitamin analysis to insure correct potencies
"h ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy): used to determine concentration of minerals and to verify absence of heavy metal contamination.
"h Disintegration apparatus: used to measure disintegration time. If a product does not disintegrate, the nutrients cannot be absorbed in the body.


"h Clean work areas
"h 100,000-sq. ft. (9290 sq. meters) recently added to Buena Park.

Quality People ¡V Employees

"h All employees have quality in mind:
a. farmers
b. production workers
c. Scientist: ¡§research goes into product, before product goes into bottle.¡¨

"h Degreed professionals in QC (e.g., chemist, pharmacist, microbiologist, etc.)
"h Training programs (outside/internal training program conducted by consultants on personal hygiene, drug GMP¡¦s and other technical matters).
"h Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) newsletter: Employees recognized for a job well done or a problem-solving technique that improved process.
"h Communication with top management: Employees informed on progress of company (Employee meetings, newsletters, and lunch with top management).

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and I will be happy to assist you further.

Product Information

Now that's what I call an efficient response.



XS Sports Drinks


I'm pretty excited!

I'm helping to start up a youth basketball league. The league that was previously established, dis-banded after about 14 years. It was held at a local church and the kids had a ball.

Alot of parents were disapointed because there wasn't a local league around.

So a couple of us got together, contacted the elementary school to use their gym.

It was a great success!

As of right now, we have the gym one night a week. Starting in December, we'll have it twice a week.

Last week was our registration and we had an overwhelming response.

As a group we were talking about different ways to make money for the league, since we are new and don't have lots of funds.

I suggested we sell Sports Drinks at the games and practices.

Since I'm an IBO, I have access to XS Sports Drinks.

As a business owner, I will donate ALL retail profits to the league to help make the league as good and better than the previous league.

Last week I ordered 28 cases to start. Also, with ordering that much, we are able to get FREE shipping on the drinks!

I also ordered an "Iceman Stand-Up Cooler" from XS Gear.

With amount of kids that will participating in the league, we expect to be selling at least 30 cases/month. We will be selling the Sports Drinks for $1.75, which will give the league a profit of $439.20 for 30 cases a month!

XS Sports drinks are GREAT for kids. Low in sugar and calories and also have lots of vitamins.

Should have the order Wednesday, then we're ready to roll!!!!!

Will let you know how it works out.


Marc Possoff

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Nutrilite at Stanford University


I'm digging to find out as much as I can about Nutrilite, the worlds leading brand.

I'm going to be contacting Standford, personally to get as much information about Nutrilite and Standford's partnership.

Nutrilite is probably the only Direct Sales company where the price is justified on the quality of the product since they use whole food that Nutrilite owns and grows the crops on, harvest, and then compresses the plants into tablets and actually labels the product showing what vitamins come from the plant food -- it's very impressive and unmatched in our out of Direct Sales.

Here's a link about the Nutrilite Institute/Amway Endowment at Stanford.

Also from the Nutrilite website, more about their partnership with Stanford University.


Marc Possoff

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Natural and Synthetic Supplements/Part Three, Testing

I want to talk about testing a little bit more, it's so important when it comes to vitamin supplements.

According to, these are questions you should ask a supplier about testing. This is great stuff.

I forwarded these questions to Nutrilite and will post their response as soon as I get it.

Here are the questions....


16. Please provide an overview of your testing programs. Explain how you guard against or test raw ingredients and/or final products for the presence of:

* Heavy metals, including lead
* Herbicides, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals
* Microbial contaminants
* Organic and petroleum chemical contaminants
* Steroids and antibiotics

17. Are materials and product testing performed in-house or by one or more independent labs? Please describe the staffing level and equipment complement of any in-house facilities. If you use external testing resources, please provide nature of services.

18. At what stages of the manufacturing process do you test your products?

* when raw materials arrive?
* after manufacturing but before packaging?
* after packaging?

I think the most important question is #17. An organization that performs 3rd party testing, such as, will help consumers indentify the best quality health and nutrition products through 3rd party, independent testing.

If you would like to try any of Nutrilite's products, just send me an email and I'd be happy to help you.

Best Regards,

Marc Possoff

Natural and Synthetic Supplements/Part Three, Testing

Hi and welcome back.

Four organizations currently perform quality testing and inspections—of supplement products and/or manufacturing plants. Below are the organizations you can expect to see on products, together with links to lists and/or databases on the corresponding websites.

It's important when choosing a supplement that it has been tested by a 3rd party, not independantly tested.

After all, don't you want to know that the supplement you are choosing is safe and CERTIFIED?

Click on the link below to see the quality seals you can expect to see on products, together with links to lists and/or databases on the corresponding websites.

My favorite organization is Consumer Labs.'s new quality seal answers a vital question: "Does this supplement really work?"

I will be providing more information on testing and the importance of QUALITY 3rd party testing.



Marc Possoff

Friday, November 12, 2004

Natural and Synthetic Supplements/Part Two

Hi and welcome back!

This is Part Two on a series about natural and synthetic supplements. I have said before, based on science and research that a supplement that gets as much vitamins from organic whole foods is much better for you.

I try to do as much independant research as I can, espeically with
health products. I came accross an article which questioned the use of
synthetic vitamins and minerals in supplements.

I'd like to say you really learn to trust Quixtar/Amway when you begin to utilize their product support, research and the like. Also, when you start to use the products, for the most part are great and especially when you start to sell them, your customers love them too.

Double X includes 2000mg of compressed plant food, but it does also
have some synthetic content so I emailed Quixtar to find out why they are

This can be applied to any supplement as well. Here was their response.


I am looking for some scientific in-depth knowledge about the ingredients of Double X after recently reading this article:

I know you have to be careful with what you read on the internet which is why I'm emailing you. The article describes how synthetic vitamins are no good for you, here are some statements:

"Calcium carbonate is the rock known as limestone or chalk. Used in the manufacture of paint, rubber, plastics, ceramics, putty, polishes, insecticides, & inks. Used as a filler for adhesives, matches, pencils, crayons, linoleum, insulating compounds, & welding rods"

"Vitamin B-1, Thiamin: Vitamin B-1 exists in food in the forms of thiamin pyrophosphate, thiamin monophosphate, and thiamin . The non-food thiamin mononitrate is a coal tar derivative , never naturally found in the body , and is a crystalline isolate (the same is true for thiamin hydrochloride and other chloride forms)."

Double X Contains both of these, another worrying example being "Silicon Dioxide".

So, i understand Double X does include synthetic vitamins, why not use 100% plant food? and can you give more information about the ingredients used in Double X concerning the above article.

Any help on this matter would be very appriciated.


Marc Possoff

The Reply

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your message.

In many cases, the body is incapable of distinguishing between synthetic and natural forms of vitamins, which means that synthetic and natural vitamins are equally effective. However, natural vitamins, if delivered in their original plant context (such as in a concentrate)may also provide a wealth of other vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. In some cases, such as with beta-carotene and vitamin E, the natural forms are more bioavailable, and also have more potent activities in the body. And that is the basis of using natural forms whenever possible in our products.

However, for the case that you mention speicifically, thiamine hydrochloride, there is specific research on this topic stating that this form of the vitamin is equally well absorbed and used by the body as other forms, and is an efficient method by which to provide thiamine to the body. Thiamine hydrochoride is referred to as the 'salt' form of thiamine, meaning that it is easy to work with in manufacturing process, yet dissolves quickly and easily in water so that it can absorbed by the body when consumed.

Calcium carbonate does have many uses - in the manufacturing arena as well as in human health. This form of calcium is natural, and is derived from oyster shells (which over millions of years have transformed into limestone). There are many forms of calcium available for nutritional supplements, but calcium carbonate is generally preferred because it is absorbed most easily by the body (equivalent to the absorption of calcium from milk, the best dietary source of calcium), and is the most compact way to deliver large amounts of calcium in supplement form.

Some ingredients - such as silicon dioxide - are included in the manufacturing process because it enhances the quality of and production of the final product. Silicon dioxide acts as a 'glidant', which means that it helps the particles in each tablet to mix together more completely, and enhance the rate at which the formulations flow through the tableting process. In essence, it allows to maintain our high standards and high production rate.

There are many factors which we consider when we formulate a product - two of the most important are size and cost. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are often very expensive and take up a great deal of space (remember, it's not just the single nutrient present in the concentrate, but hundreds and thousands of other phytonutrients as well). In order to keep both of these parameters under control, we may also use synthetic sources of vitamins - that perform equally well as the natural source - in some of our products. In this way, we can provide as much natural sourced vitamin and mineral as possible - to insure the inclusion of healthy phytonutrients from concentrates - but also provide potency from synthetic sources, to insure that you get all the health benefits of highly-potent multivitamin/multimineral supplement.

We trust this answers your questions however, should you require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our upmost to assist you.

With Kind Regards
Angela Morley

Pretty great response. I haven't found a 100% organic supplement yet.

Think about it... if there was such a product it would have to be as big as a baseball or even bigger.

What counts is, that a supplement is getting as MUCH as it possibly can from REAL whole food.


Marc Possoff

Natural and Synthetic Supplements/Part One


I'm going to be writing about the differences between natural and synthetic supplements in parts.

I would like to say that there is research and evidence that supplements that get as much vitamins from natural/whole foods/plants/phyto-nutrients are better for you.

The information I will provide will not be my opinion, but opinions of science and research.

I market Nutrilite Supplements. Nutrilite produces a range of supplements available through Quixtar/Amway. Nutrilte products use organic plant compounds with phyo-nutrients. Phyo-nutrients provide a natural protection to plants and also have beneficial effects for optimal health in humans.

Nutrilite is one of the only brands that adhere to strict clinical trials dating right back to the 1950's. At that time they teamed up with Standford University in Palo Alto, California to examine the nutritional health of children in northern California.

With all the research and tests that they undertake, I am lucky and proud to be able to distribute and introduce Nutrilite Supplements.

If you are interested in your health and diet, you should check out Nutrilite's website at

Click on the Nutrilite Health Institute link at the site, there's a whole HEAP of information there.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Best Regards,

Marc Possoff

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Let's talk about Vitamin Supplements


I have been in some debates about supplementing your diet with vitamin supplements.

I'm an advocate of vitamin supplements, specifically whole food supplements.

Vitamin supplements ARE NOT a replacement for a bad diet. Eating right is important and taking a high quality whole food supplement to "fill in those nutritonal gaps" I believe is essential.

There has been talk that supplementscan be harmful. I could agree with that if you are taking a supplement you know nothing about and is synthetic.

We all know that whole foods are good for us, right? So there I believe there is no harm in taking a supplement that gets its vitamins from the exact whole foods that are so good for us to maximize our diet and nutritional intake.

Any thoughts?